Specialized Gardening in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas



Beautiful hanging baskets lush with colorful flowers!




Grass and Clover Seed


Lovely grounds at the garden center


The Peace Lily makes a lovely indoor evergreen plant, blooming often.


Raspberries, fun to
grow, fun to eat!



We purchase quality house plants



Plant Poppies in the fall for early spring bloomers in a variety of colors to delight you


Potted Plants make wonderful gifts



Unique Selection of Potted Planters







Always fun and new things to see at the Nursery


Beautiful roses!



The Garden Center receives wonderful plants!

After the Delivery!


Come see our great variety of plant material

Large selection of trees, shrubs and Deer resistant plants






Shipment in progress





Apples are easy backyard fruit to grow




The cocoa to lavender colors, early to bloom, handsome & bushy…chock full of green leaves, Koko Loco is a treasure in the garden.


The Garden Center receives wonderful plants!









Whimsical garden things and so much more!








































































The Nursery is a Happy Place To Be!


Can we garden in this heat? Yes! We can garden in the shade.


We can garden in the house.


We can garden in the water!!!!


We have new shade plants, new house plants and new water plants.



We have gorgeous roses selected for your 2016 gardens. SO much is blooming! Are you getting excited yet?! The garden center is lush with so many choices.... come for the best selections. We have Soil Building Compost, which is excellent as a mulch to reduce your water usage during these triple digit summer days! Soil Moist is a wonderful polymer that can be added to pots to hold extra water. Hanging baskets are always a favorite and we have lovely baskets of hanging Fuchsias, Petunias and some beautiful roses! Lush and Full! WHAT TO DO IN THE SUMMER GARDEN!

A new 2016 Rosa Grandiflora is 'Miss Congeniality' (white with a pink picotee edge), disease resistant and fragrant, perfect for cutting. Another is "Cutie Pie", a Hybrid tea, yellow with pink blending to peachy color, slight fragrance and beautiful. It's still a great time to plant for perennials. Plants and seeds or even garden statuary make wonderful gifts any time of year! There is so much available, new additions almost every week, so come soon to check out our wonderful plants. Our garden center is situated in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada's, in the gold country of Amador County. The garden center is managed by our daughter, Salye LaBelle, and is located at 18815 Ridge Road, Pine Grove, California.


Our goal is to provide quality, healthy plants like those pictured here... along with good service, building great relationships with you, our customers, and offering you the finest in garden products, accessories and the latest in horticulture. We have Japanese maples, birdbaths and lots of new color from Emerisa Gardens! The heat is here, and time to get those drought tolerant plants into the ground. Photo Left-Japanese maples; Photo Right-The Garden Center


The nursery is full, stocked with beautiful things, like the Cyclamen shown here. We feature many great selections from local growers with seasonal shipments of herbs and beautiful perennials and annuals. Check back often as deliveries are weekly and we have something sure to delight you. Plant your 2016 garden with delicious fruit trees and beautiful roses! All Dwarf Citrus trees are designed to grow in a pot, so they are easy to protect from the frost. You will love our selections! We have 15 different varieties of peaches including "Arctic Supreme" a two-time taste test winner. Large, white flesh, nearly freestone when fully ripe. This peach is sweet and tangy, with a fine delicate flavor, and firm texture. It's a great time this month to select and plant the fruit trees you want. It's been raining and it's still a great time to plant trees and perennials!

What's new?
*"Raised Bed Potting Mix" that is in a 3 cu. ft bale that you can plant your vegetables right into. It's organic and economical, too.
*"Coco Loco" a potting mix made from coconut coir fiber produced from coconut husks which are a renewable resource, resists compaction, easily re-wets and absorbs water evenly for superior aeration.
We also have some natural fungicides and insecticides from Dr Earth that are safe to use....period.
*Seed starting essentials like new Cow Pots, seed starting pots made from composted cow manure.
New  Renee's Seeds "Circus Circus" tricolor carrots ,"Full Moon and Vesuvius" true Thai chilies and "Mikado" Japanese Baby Turnips.


*O My! Goat Milk Bath and Body
Who doesn't love fruity floral? This wonderful, bright scent of tart berries & modern floral is well balanced by a mellow & natural vanilla, bringing together a spa-like experience that will leave your mind & soul in complete harmony.


What to do in the Summer Garden?

*Give plants a mid-season feeding or side dressing, to get them through to the fall
*Replace mulch as needed
*Focus on heat and rain resistant flowers like: coleus, hibiscus, melampodium, pentas, plumbago, portulaca and zinnias
*Start planning your fall garden
*Coreopsis, daylilies, gaura, kangaroo paws, lantana, rudbeckia, and veronica all bloom well in heat
*Sow fast-maturing crops like beetroot, spinach, chard and kohl rabi for a late crop you can harvest through autumn.

*visit us and check out our water thrifty perennials with summer in mind.


Lots of new things to try! Visit us SOON while selections are good.


The Nursery is a happy place to be with blooming shrubs, ground covers, and hardy perennials of many varieties. There is an amazing array for your garden and for gift selections. We also have lovely house plants that make great gifts throughout the year for any occasion. We specialize in deer resistant and drought tolerant plants that thrive in the sierra foothills. Our area is Sunset zones 7 and 8. Don't forget to spray your peach trees with Liquicop. The solution will stick better if you apply it with 1% horticulture oil. We keep our plants in top condition, well-watered and healthy, ready for your garden. Come visit for a wonderful afternoon! Stock up on beautiful plants for your garden! Every season has wonderful plants and shrubs. Trees, perennials also make great gifts for any time of year. We have amazing gift choices for year round selections!

We carry different blends of seed for lawns in our area, Shade Blend, no Mow (for a  natural meadow look requiring low water),  and 90-10. We recommend using fertilizer which is formulated by the the sod company for our part of the country using special micronutrients to ensure a healthy lawn. They match most sod blends too. Spring and fall are good times to sow new lawns, or repair patches in your lawn. We have several soil additives for every scenario in your garden. See our selections, click Here Delta Bluegrass

We also have an amazing, professional line of products, including Bonide for organic gardening needs, Captain Jack's products safe for your fruit, vegetables, citrus and grapes. See our Product page for more garden aids and fine products from Bonide, AgraQuest, Safer, and Sluggo.  

We have classes throughout the year including special events and demonstrations.


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Give the Gift that keeps Growing!
Shopping for a gift? Birthday, Anniversary, Get Well, Best Wishes, Bon Voyage,
or Just Because... we have it here


Treating people with old-fashioned kindness and respect

New hours are:
Monday through Saturday, Open 9:00 - 5:00pm 

Closed Sundays

18815 Ridge Road, Pine Grove, CA 95665

For more information, call (209) 296-7210
Fax (209) 296-7211

Or e-mail us at gardencenter@volcano.net 
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